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Fishing Lights Etc, LLC would like to thank you for visiting our website and encourage you to compare our lights to all other lights being sold!

Our website contains detailed information about our lights which will allow you to
compare our lights to our competitor's lights.  Please take the
time to research the pages on our site as well as our competitor's sites, and see for yourself why our lights have been the #1 selling Fishing Lights
and Dock Lights for over 37 years.

Since 1981, we have established ourselves as the leader in
Fishing Lights,and Dock Lights, and Flounder Lights.

While very popular in their time, fishing lights have came a long ways since our original StarFire halogen lights.

Our new
AlumiGlo LED lights use the latest and most advanced LED technology and are made from the finest quality materials available.  When
comparing our lights against our competitor's lights, please take the time to compare all aspects of the lights and you will see for yourself why our
lights are superior in Quality, Workmanship and Price.

Our lights are designed, packaged and shipped from our headquarters in Hays, KS.  Unlike other companies who copy our lights, we have always
designed and
patented  the lights we build and sell.   In today's world many companies come and go on a daily basis and their warranties are only
valid if they are still in business if you have a problem.  We've been in business for 37 years...and we encourage you to ask our competitors the
same question.

Please feel free to
Contact Us with any questions or comments regarding our products or website.
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