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                                   Can  be a bone chilling experience if the fish aren't biting.

We all know the key to catching fish, is locating the fish....right?  But since the lakes
are frozen over, underwater structure is harder to locate and sometimes numerous
holes have to be punched in the ice before finding the fish.  That's why serious
ice-fisherman have discovered they can sit back and let the fish come to them.  
How are they doing that?  They have found that submersible lights not only attract
fish in the summer, they also attract fish in the winter through the ice.

All good fisherman know that lights attract fish during the summertime but many do
not realize lights will attract fish during the winter time as well.  How do they work?  
Submersible lights project light directly into the water which starts a natural food
chain reaction by attracting a concentration of small microscopic animals called
plankton.  Bait fish such as shad and minnows are drawn to the light to feed on the
plankton; and larger game fish move in to feed on the bait fish.  It doesn't matter if
there is ice on the surface or not, fish have to eat and the light starts a food chain
reaction which fish are drawn too.  

Fishing with lights in the winter is not that different than fishing with lights in the
summer.  The first thing you have to do is set up on or near some kind structure.  
This can be a drop off adjacent to a river channel, submerged brush or even a pile
of rocks.  Fish are ALWAYS found near some type of structure no matter what time
of year it is.  If you aren't fishing on or near some type of structure your chances of
catching fish are greatly limited.  Remember, 10% of the water in any lake holds
100% of the fish.  The rest of the lake is dead water.  

Once you have found a spot suitable to hold fish, you will need to drill two holes
about 6 feet apart.  One hole you will fish from and the other hole you will drop your
light into.  If you fish out of the same hole the light is in....the fish can tangle around
the power-cord which can be a nitemare to untangle.  So, the time it will take you to
drill two holes may save you time in the long run.  The light only needs to be
submerged about two feet below the ice.  Many people make the mistake of
lowering the light to deep.  The closer you keep the light to the bottom of the
ice...the more light will be reflected downward.  The bottom of the ice acts like a big
mirror and any reflected light on it...will reflect back down again and will attract fish
from further away. always look up for their food...and lowering the light
too deep can actually spook fish away.

We now have the new
AlumiGlo SuperBrite LED lights that only use a fraction of
the battery power as the halogen lights.

Green Light is the preferred color for ice fishing because it is less bright then White
light... and is less apt to spook fish away in the super clear water found under the

Why Lights Attract Fish.   Ice Shanty Forum,

Our submersible LED lights are the most popular lights used for ice fishing because
of their small size, great light output and low battery drain.  The lights are small and
compact and can be easily dropped down an ice hole and stored in your tackle box.
The lights draw as little as 1.2 amps per hour from your battery which means you
no longer have to carry a full size deep cycle battery with you to run your lights.  
For more on Batteries and Run Time see
Run Time and Battery Facts.

Fishing under the lights has become one of the most popular methods of fishing
today, both during the Summer and during the Winter.  If you have never tried
fishing Under the Lights, you have missed out on some of the fastest fishing you'll
ever experience!  Not only is the fishing fast and furious under the lights, but
there's something special about sitting on a lake....during the Summer or Winter...
all alone... with nature and beauty at it's finest.   Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.
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