I suspended it next to my dock in St. James City, FL. The results have been
spectacular to say the least.
On any given nite there are around 20 to 30 Snook swimming around in the
light and many more in the neighborhood.
You definitely have the best light for the buck, the results have been worth
every cent paid.
The Snook have proven to be tough to catch but I have caught several now.
Couple very nice ones.   Thanks again,  Duane L.
Picture shows one Magnum Dock Light with a Green Tube Guard.
Green Light
White Light
While it may not look like it in these
photo's, the lights are submerged about two
feet under the water.  The water is super
clear which makes it look like the likes are
hanging above the water.
Big Snook Cruzin' the Lights for Food.
How to Use: Simply lower the light 2' to 3'
below the surface off a Dock or Boat and tie off
the power-cord to a cleat or post and plug into
any GFCI protected 120VAC outlet.  
The use of
a Photo-Cell Timer is recommended to
preserve bulb life.
Lights will not attract fish during the daytime.
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